Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Make a Gift Box

As is a paper box tutorial comin' at ya!

O.k, so here is how I make the boxes that my little soft shoes come in. This tutorial is a slight variation of one that I found online. The difference: this one gives you a CLEAN box top with no creases. Other tutorials produce a box that has fold creases running from corner to corner. (a visible "x" on the top of your box. ewww!) The perfectionist in me can not cope with that! So here it goes...

You'll need:
12" x 12" square of paper (box top)
11.75" x 11.75" square of paper (box bottom)

Finished box will measure: 4" x 4"

1. Place your paper wrong side up. Start by using a simple trick learned in middle school geometry. (and you thought you'd never use that stuff!) Place your ruler diagonally from corner to corner and mark a pencil line in what seems to be the middle of the ruler. (eyeball it) Do this again from the other corners. Where the two pencil marks form an "x" is the middle of your piece of paper. TIP: If you mark the "x" lightly, you can erase it later so as not to be seen.

2. Fold each corner of your paper up so that the point meets the center of the "x". After you've folded up all four corners, you can erase the "x" mark if you wish for it not to be seen.

3. Fold the bottom edge up to the center. Repeat with the top edge as shown above.

4. Fold the Right edge in to the center. Repeat with the Left edge as shown above.

5. Now unfold the last couple of steps until your paper looks like that above. Fold botom edge up as shown. Place index finger where shown. Keep it here.

With your other hand fold the left crease inward so that the two edges meet as shown below.

I hope the picture is worth a thousand words for this step since it's not easy to describe.

6. Once you fold in the sections on both sides they will look as shown in the top picture above.
Now fold the vertical section down into the box top. This forms one side of the box.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the other side.

7. Wipe the sweat from your brow, 'cuz your box top is complete baby! Pinch your sides in so that they stay down. Pinch at the inner corners to conquer any flaps that will not lay flat.

8. Repeat with the smaller square paper for your box bottom. You are a box-making machine!


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