Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make your own Boutique Bow

Make your own boutique bow!
check out the Ribbon Retreat's free tutorial

Like most crafters, I have a large stockpile of ribbon. I just can't seem to resist the gravitational pull of the $1 ribbon bin at the craft store. So what to do with all this ribbon? I decided to try my hand at making a boutique hair bow. What do you think?

I used this great tutorial in PDF format from Ribbon Retreat. It's quick and easy to do...and it's FREE! You'll need a blank silver hair clip which you can find at any craft store or at Wal-Mart. So get out your glue guns and bust out some super unique birthday gifts for the little girl in your life!

My daughter (a total girly-girl) instantly fell in love with this bow and would have slept in it had I let her!


babycheeks said...

you're blog is as fabulous as your hats and baby items. Sooo nicely done, I'm having blog envy ;)


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